Stories of our clients: ForZet, architecture and design studio

All architects have their own unique style. Successful projects speak for the architect and provide the most effective marketing strategy. In the field of architecture, it is the name of the architect which communicates quality and provides the basis for the brand’s success. Learn more about the story of ForZet, an architecture and design studio that has allowed Trama to help their brand protection efforts.


Jan Buza


Mr. and Mrs. Závodní met during their studies at the university. Following the early days of their careers during which they worked in various studios (ŠPTÚ, Free A.R.T), they have decided to establish own brand ForZet. Why ForZet and what does it actually mean?

ForZet is a wordplay of two terms - FOUR and ZED. As a family firm, this very name is a symbol of our family. Together with two children, there are four of us and “zed” is merely an initial of our surname. The name of the brand is quite neutral and hence, it can eventually diversify into other industry sectors. At the present moment, we focus solely on architecture but one day, our children may decide to take it to a whole other level and industry, taking the family brand along with them.


In comparison to your competitors, where do you see the uniqueness of your company?

All architects have their own unique approach to projects that can be seen in their work. At ForZet, we focus on clean in shape and functional architecture with artistic aesthetics and technical wit. We pay close attention to the design, with every detail being extremely important. Our goal is to retain consistency in creating quality projects, not being easily swayed by short-term trends and fads, but creating timeless design instead. We believe that these values are present in our projects - buildings, interiors and furniture solitaires. Satisfaction of our clients signals that we do our job well. New clients and new challenges allow us to continue to improve and progress.

The ForZet brand was established as a family business and it remains as such. We are glad that our daughter has jointed the architectural studio, bringing something new and innovative to our work. There is also a place for our son who may one day draw the brand into the world of IT.


When did you first start thinking about the need to protect your brand?

When we founded ForZet, we didn’t think much about the value of the brand. We came up with the name and the original logo but we focused primarily on our architectural activities. It was the result of our work that represented us and communicated our brand to the prospective clients. Thanks to a growing number of successful projects and references from satisfied clients, our clients has gained momentum.

With the name ForZet, we started to engage in other activities as well. Throughout the period of 2006-2009, we ran the ForZet Gallery in Bratislava which provided an exhibition space for personalities of the 20th century of Slovak art.

The brand ForZet has thereby became increasingly associated with our business. It symbolised our style, determination and professionalism. In today’s world, where online presentation is becoming increasingly important, it is no longer enough to merely produce high quality work. Brand is what resonated in people. The logo and name are the first things they see on a website and social media. The portfolio is displayed second.

It is important for us that the name of our brand continues to be associated with a good reputation. Trademark registration allows us to achieve this goal.

Why Trama? How did our team gain your trust?

To be perfectly honest, we have neither the time nor the energy to devote ourselves to the lengthy administration that accompanies trademark registration. In our field of business, cooperation with experts from individual professions is essential. Whether they are designers, contractors or suppliers, we want to work with reliable people who are well versed in their respective fields. Wa also see this in brand protection. Without legal knowledge, we turned to experts in this field - Trama.

On a daily basis, we need to choose from a number of products or retailers, so recommendations are very important to us. We often take the advice of our colleagues from the industry and acquaintances, especially in areas in which we have relatively limited knowledge. These recommendations allow us to rely on the chosen business partners. Trama was recommended to us and this team did not disappoint our trust. The modern, clear and usable design of their website was, of course, an extra benefit. The registration process was clearly explained, which confirmed our decision to register our trademark with Trama.

In the hindsight, how was your experience with Trama?

Trademark registration with Trama was very simple and convenient. All we had to do was to send them our logo and fill out a short form, they took care of everything else for us. This is exactly what services should look like in the 21st century.

In case this story has inspired you to pursue brand protection efforts for your company, please do not hesitate and let Trama help you. Our process starts with a free verification within 24 hours during which our team of trademark attorneys will explore the available options for registering your trademark and thus protecting your brand. 

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