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Have you ever had a day at work that just didn’t seem to end? Mooday Memos can help brighten your mood with the colourful and sassy stationery sold under this brand! Together with Nita Ukkonen, the founder of Mooday Memos, we explore the origins of this remarkable idea as well as the importance of brand protection.


Jan Buza

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“I had read the book ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil knight, the founder of Nike, and I started to hope that one day one of my friends would take me as part of their business, just like Phil had done with his friends and acquaintances. I think I slowly realised the likelihood of running into this kind of an opportunity would be extremely low, and one day - after a good night sleep - I just woke up with a thought of I’m going to start my own company.”

It didn’t take long to transform the idea into reality for Nita and we can see the fun, daring designs and high quality stationery offered under the brand Mooday Memos to go a long way! “Our goal is to delight people who are working in the corporate world by giving them colourful and sassy stationery to help them get through even the most boring meetings.”

Unique idea, quality products and initial recognition by the customers represent the key ingredients for the success of virtually any business venture. At the same time, these elements emphasise the crucial role of effective brand protection in order to ensure the uninterrupted growth of the business. “I had worked in mobile game marketing and licensing before, and had seen what can happen if a required protection is not in place. While my business might be small, I also knew I would be investing lots of time in the branding and marketing materials, and therefore wanted to have the proper protection in place.”

And how was Nita’s experience with Trama? “I found Trama by doing a Google search, and I was impressed by the transparent pricing that was available to see from the website. The website also gave instructions on how to apply for the EUIPO grant to cover some of the trademark registration costs in the EU, which was truly helpful for me as a small business. Trama also offered a phone call with their trademark attorney who had already assessed the word trademark I was looking to register.”

“The experience with Trama was 10/10 really. The team communicated with me regularly throughout the process and it was very easy to establish trust with them. Everything happened really fast and I feel like I was listened to.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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