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TrackMyStack is an app built first and foremost to solve a real problem - helping individuals to easily track their financial situation with maximum ease and retain an up to date view of their investments. “The app stores are a bit like the Wild West sometimes, so we want to be able to prevent others apps from trying to imitate our branding.” Read the full story of the founder of TrackMyStack, Georgios Kounenis.


Jan Buza

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App born out of frustration

Georgios Kounenis, the founder of TrackMyStack, openly admits that this idea was “born out of frustration. With multiple accounts across different stock / crypto exchanges, different tax wrappers, like ISA or SIPP accounts, multiple bank accounts, mortgage and personal assets like a car, it can become very hard to track your progress month to month. A lot of people we talked to were trying to track everything on a big Excel file. Every once in a while, they would update their balances to see how well they are doing. Needless to say, this is neither easy nor fun.”

Solving a real problem

“Initially we began building a simple website to make this process easier and allow some of the asset values to be updated in real time. There was no reason to update the value of your stock portfolio manually, if you can just enter the amount of stock held and the price gets fetched automatically. Over time, it became clear that the best way to handle this task easily would be via an app. Thus, TrackMyStack was born and it’s a tool built first and foremost to solve a real problem. It’s a tool we ourselves love to use and luckily, others are finding it useful too!”

When it comes to similar solutions and competition in general, TrackMyStack clearly stands out from the crowd. “There are a lot of net worth trackers that only support manually updated assets, a lot of portfolio trackers that focus on trading activity instead of net worth and a lot of budget trackers that focus on daily transactions and categorisation of expenses. There is no app that is focused on helping a person with investments easily track their financial situation with maximum ease, without tracking daily transactions, and at the same time by having an up-to-date view of their investments.”

Enhanced functionality and automation are however only a part of the reason why TrackMyStack has become a preferred app for its users. “Additionally, we value privacy above all, so unlike other apps, we don’t require any account to use our app, we don’t show any ads, don’t collect the users’ portfolios and don’t sell any data to advertisers since we don’t have any data to sell in the first place.”

App stores & Wild West

“As soon as the first version of the app made it to the App Store and people started using the app and coming back to it repeatedly, we realised we had something other developers might want to copy. The app stores are a bit like the Wild West sometimes, so we want to be able to prevent other apps from trying to imitate our branding.”

Automatic protection provided by both App Store and Google Play represents one of the key practical benefits of trademark registration, allowing our clients, such as Georgios Kounenis, to prevent infringement of their brand. 

Experience with Trama

And how was the experience with Trama for Georgios Kounenis? “We found out about Trama from a Google search. We compared it to other trademark service providers and we liked the fact that it was a one-stop-shop for trademark registration in all world regions. The pricing was clear and upfront so we went with Trama. The team was very easy to work with and quickly answered the few questions we had regarding trademark categories. There is another project we are preparing to launch and we will happily choose Trama again.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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