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”Imagine what kind of startup performance we would see with founders spending 5% of their time on fundraising instead of 50%?” Scramble, founded by Kamil Kurmakayev, presents an elegant solution for startups’ fundraising needs and it is our pleasure to protect this brand that helps others.


Jan Buza


“When something is not working the way it should, there’s a good enough reason”

Kamil Kurmakayev, the founder of Scramble, is a serial entrepreneur with 14 years of experience building online marketplaces in Europe and Southeast Asia.

“Finding startup capital for your business is one of the most challenging tasks any founder faces. It is fascinating how much undue stress and loss of founder time happens because the market doesn’t provide adequate startup capital solutions. Imagine what kind of startup performance we would see with founders spending 5% of their time to be adequately funded instead of 50%+?”

“Usually, when something is not working the way it should, there’s a good enough reason. We’ve spent a year or so trying to learn a bit more about this weird status quo and seek an opportunity to disrupt it.”

“Student loans for founders”

“Our secret sauce is the lifetime personal income of the founders. We think about Scramble loans as “student loans for founders”. Founders with strong education and prior career will be able to recover and generate high lifetime income even if their business fails. This enables Scramble to turn founder lifetime earnings potential into a debt security.”

Scramble provides startup loans to early-stage companies. Each loan is secured with lifetime income of the co-founders’ team – which means in case startups fails, the team of co-founders will gradually repay the loan from their personal income at a favorable interest rate. This approach enables Scramble to provide funding to companies that would otherwise have very limited access to capital.  

Brand, consumer confidence, loyalty and trademark registration

The interlinks between branding, consumer loyalty and company performance are well-understood by virtually any successful entrepreneur. It is the brand that communicates the company’s offering to the consumers and it is the brand that ultimately becomes the main source of a competitive advantage. As a result, it is something definitely worth protecting.

“Trademark registration was an obvious solution for us from the very beginning. If you are serious about protecting your business brand, you have to do it right. Besides, building long-lasting loyalty among our clients from both investor and founder sides was a crucial reason for us! Trademarks create a relationship of trust with customers. For services dealing with money, consumer confidence really matters.”

“User-friendly and fast trademark registration process with Trama”

Trama stood out among other services with its transparent terms, global coverage, fair prices, and good communication.” 

“Customer support was very helpful. For any of the questions we had, we’d always get a quick and informative response. We found Trama a great team to work with and really enjoyed the whole experience”.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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