Is my trademark valid outside of my country?

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Written by Tomas Orsula

Senior Trademark Attorney

The general answer is no, but it depends on the jurisdiction in which you registered your trademark. For example, a German trademark is only valid in Germany, but an EU trademark is valid across all its member states, Germany and 26 other countries.

Usually, a trademark will be only valid in a single country, but as the above example demonstrates, a couple of so-called multi-country jurisdictions exist. You can find the complete list in this article.

If you want protection in multiple countries that don't belong to the same jurisdiction, you'll have to apply for a trademark separately in each of them. You can also file a single application through WIPO in some cases, but this is purely an administrative convenience, and you won't actually apply for a single trademark valid in multiple countries, you will just apply for all of them at once.

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