Brand name strategy service

Verify up to 10 trademark options with the help of our legal team and select the best name to represent your brand.

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How it works?

  • Send us your brief & preferred brand names

    Fill out the form below and let us know the type of products/services you wish to offer and your preferred brand names.

  • Assessment & similarity screening

    Our legal team carries out a comprehensive assessment & similarity screening and evaluates the registrability of the potential brand names.

  • Finding the perfect brand name!

    We guide you throughout our findings, completing the search for the perfect brand name.



Final price, no additional fees.

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What our clients say?

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Finding a brand for a consumer bank in the US meant we had to cast a wide net. Trama reviewed hundreds of naming options and visual elements quickly and for a great price. We're really happy with the speed and results.

Rob Curtis

CEO, Daylight

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