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In May 2017, Amazon introduced its Brand Registry with the goal of enhancing the protection and performance of brands selling on Amazon. Registered trademark is one of the key requirements for enrolling in this program. This article reviews the main benefits as well as provides an overview of the trademark registration process necessary to benefit from the advantages offered as part of Amazon Brand Registry.


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Over 350,000 brands rely on the benefits offered by Amazon Brand Registry [1] and there are several principal attributes of this program.

A+ content: This feature allows Amazon sellers to showcase the story of their brand as well as product features through rich text and media formats, enhancing the conversion rate.

Sponsored brands: Enrolment in the Brand Registry program also allows sellers to use targeted advertisements, driving the growth in sales.

Multi-page store: One of the key features of this program can be found in the ability to organise the product offering using a multi-page store design.

Brand analytics: In addition to the functional benefits, Amazon Brand Registry also includes a brand analytics service that allows sellers to better gather and understand customer behaviour data.

Proactive brand protection: All suspected infringements and inaccurate content is automatically removed, strengthening the level of protection for sellers’ brands.

As a result, enrolment in Amazon Brand Registry program greatly improves the level of protection for your brand and allows you to provide an enhanced experience for the customers. In practical terms, enrolment in Amazon Brand Registry has resulted in 99% reduction in the number of suspected infringements, with 2.5 million bad actor accounts being banned and over 6 billion suspected bad listings being blocked [1].

Trademark registration is a key requirement for enrolling in this program and Amazon Brand Registry currently recognises trademarks registered with the intellectual property offices in the following countries: the US, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the UK, the EU, United Arab Emirates.

If you don’t have a registered trademark yet, Amazon also offers this service as part of the IP Accelerator. Relying on its network of registered IP law firms, Amazon allows you to apply for a US trademark this way, accepting the filed application rather than completed registration as a sufficient requirement for enrolling in the Brand Registry program. While this approach certainly saves a lot of time, there’s a catch in the amount of fees prospective sellers are required to pay. The service starts with a fee of $600 for the application itself which together with the administrative fee of $210 comes to a total of $810. Moreover, sellers are also advised to pay a fee for brand search of trademark office records ($500) or for a comprehensive brand review ($1,800). This means that the total cost of registering a trademark through Amazon IP Accelerator may easily come up to $2,610.

In comparison, Trama offers trademark registration in the US for £390 ($520), including all administrative fees and comprehensive brand search and review, providing a money-back guarantee on successful registration. Let us go even further and say that although Amazon IP Accelerator allows you to start benefiting from enrolment in Brand Registry from the moment of submitting a trademark application, this right will be revoked if the application is rejected. At the end of the day, this could easily mean that sellers have paid excessive sum of money for trademark registration that allowed them to use the benefits of Brand Registry only for a few weeks until the registration was rejected. Conversely, our team of expert trademark attorneys will ensure that your trademark is successfully registered as quickly as possible, allowing you to make the full use of Amazon Brand Registry in the period of few months.

[1] Amazon (2020), “Amazon brand registry”, available from:

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