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Key indicators on the importance of brands

A cross-sectional survey with a representative sample of 10,000 consumers was used to assess the consumers' attitudes towards the extent to which a brand influences their purchase behaviour and their willingness to pay premium prices.

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June, 20235 minutes read

Strengthening Online Commerce: Canon and Amazon's joint effort against counterfeit goods

Canon and Amazon have joined forces to combat the rising menace of counterfeit goods on e-commerce platforms. In a joint lawsuit against 29 selling accounts, they are taking a stand to protect their customers from fake products while preserving the value and reputation of trusted brands. In the ever-expanding realm of online marketplaces, securing the value of products has become paramount for business owners.

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April, 20235 minutes read

Understanding the UDRP: A Comprehensive Guide to Domain Dispute Resolution

Domain name disputes have become increasingly common with the rise of e-commerce. As more businesses establish an online presence, domain names have become an important part of a company's brand and identity. Consequently, disputes over domain names can arise when two or more parties claim the right to use the same domain name.


April, 20233 minutes read

3 Reasons why Amazon might not accept your trademark

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that allows brand owners to register their trademarks with Amazon and obtain various benefits, such as increased control over product listings, access to brand-specific tools, and protection against counterfeit products. As a result, many sellers want to apply for Brand Registry to take advantage of these benefits and establish themselves as legitimate brands on the platform. However, Amazon has specific eligibility requirements for brand registry, and not all brands may qualify.


March, 20235 minutes read

Cracking Down on Counterfeits: Policies and measures implemented by online marketplaces to support brand owners

Many online marketplaces prioritize the authenticity of the products sold on their platforms and offer ways for brand owners to protect their trademarks. This is important for maintaining consumer trust and confidence in the marketplace and for preventing counterfeit goods from entering the market. In this article we will outline some of the policies and measures the biggest online marketplace put in place in order to support brand owners in the fight against counterfeit.


March, 20233 minutes read

Stories of our Clients: CareerSmart

“We believe that every young adult deserves the opportunity to find a fulfilling and meaningful career, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.” Read the whole story of CareerSmart from the perspective of its Founder, Mike Smith, and learn how Trama protects this inspiring brand on its mission to empower young adults who are struggling to find their career path.


January, 20235 minutes read

Business identity theft: avoid becoming a victim of trademark squatting

The digital marketplace offers many advantages for businesses: it can be a useful tool for promoting your products or services and is a great way to connect with prospective customers and leverage the image of your business. However, it’s also a prime platform for copycats and scammers to take advantage of your brand. In the e-commerce context, a brand communicates the product range, quality, price, trust and customer service, allowing you to distinguish from competitors, both domestic and foreign. As a result, a brand can be viewed as one of the most important assets, deserving an adequate level of protection in the form of trademark registration.


January, 20235 minutes read

Amazon vs Louboutin: online marketplaces and liability for sales of counterfeits

Due to an abundance of counterfeit products, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a brand-controlled shopping experience. Luxury brands tend to be wary of selling their goods through online marketplaces such as Amazon for a simple reason: the neglectful attitude of the platform towards third-party sellers' misuse of brand trademarks. However, in its decision dated 22 December 2022, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) cleared the way for Amazon's liability for trademark infringement.


November, 20225 minutes read

Growing influence of crypto trademarks: Block Inc. vs Bitcoin VERSE

The global cryptocurrency market was valued at 1.49 billion dollars in 2020 and is projected to reach 4.94 billion dollars by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.8 % from 2021 to 2030, according to the Cryptocurrency Market Outlook. Blockchain technology offers decentralised, fast, transparent, and reliable ways to conduct financial transactions, which makes it easier for companies to deliver high-quality services to consumers. As the market grows, more companies are seeking legal protection for their digital currencies, which prompts new infringement cases. Most recently, Block Inc. has filed a lawsuit against for misuse of its trademark VERSE.


November, 20223 minutes read

Generic trademarks: the case of

By definition, a trademark needs to display sufficient distinctiveness to identify the origin and ownership of the products and services. That means generic and descriptive words should be avoided at all costs. The landmark case in United States PTO v. B.V, however, proves that a generic term combined with “.com” or another top-level domain can be registered as a trademark if there is sufficient evidence of consumer recognition.


November, 20223 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Take on Goliath

“A lot of businesses focus on the product: what's good about the product, what makes the product so different, the unique selling proposition. You hear these phrases all the time. Take On Goliath looks at things a little differently. We go far enough back to see what's needed to support the consumer, the retailer, the wholesaler, and then the brand itself.” Read the full story of Dave Christie, the founder of Take on Goliath, another inspiring brand protected by Trama that helps SME businesses be seen and heard more.

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