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Key indicators on the importance of brands

A cross-sectional survey with a representative sample of 10,000 consumers was used to assess the consumers' attitudes towards the extent to which a brand influences their purchase behaviour and their willingness to pay premium prices.

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August, 20235 minutes read

Trademark Licensing in Film and Entertainment: How Intellectual Property Drives Blockbuster Merchandising

When it comes to film and entertainment industry, the interplay between intellectual property (IP) and merchandising has proven to be a highly lucrative partnership. Through strategic licensing agreements, iconic logos, catchphrases, and characters are transformed into a diverse array of products that capture the hearts of fans and drive revenue to unprecedented heights.


August, 20235 minutes read

The Role of Trademarks in Sports: How athletes and teams protect their brands

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of sports, athletes and teams are not just known for their athletic prowess but also for their brands. These brands encompass the players' identities, accomplishments, and associations, while also representing the teams' legacies and achievements. Building and safeguarding these brands is crucial in the modern sports landscape, and trademarks play a vital role in this process. This article explores the significance of trademarks in sports and highlights real cases of athletes and teams successfully using their trademarks to protect their brands.


June, 20235 minutes read

DC Comics retains trademark rights for Batman logo in European Court battle

In a recent legal battle over the iconic Batman logo, DC Comics emerged victorious, securing its trademark rights in the European market. The General Court of the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of the comic book publisher, dismissing an application by an Italian company, Commerciale Italiana, to invalidate the trademark. This decision affirms DC Comics' exclusive rights to use the Batman symbol on a wide range of merchandise, including clothing and carnival items.


May, 20235 minutes read

Stories of our clients: WorkReel

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations often grapple with the daunting challenges presented by inefficiencies in their staffing and hiring processes. The traditional methods of recruitment and selection, plagued by time-consuming administrative tasks, manual paperwork, and subjective decision-making, no longer suffice in meeting the demands of a competitive talent market. Recognizing the critical need for change in approach, WorkReel has embarked on an innovative approach to revolutionize the hiring process.

social media

January, 20235 minutes read

Social media regulations for brand infringement monitoring

Social media activity not only provides information on a product or service identified with a trademark, but also contributes to the general image and reputation of a person or company. This reputation can be easily misused by third parties to the detriment of the trademark owner. Because of that, the intricate interplay between social media and trademarks remains an area riddled with many conflicting rights and interests. Trademark monitoring is then critical for brand owners who wish to ensure consistency of their trademark use across different platforms.


October, 20223 minutes read

7 unusual celebrity trademark registrations

Many celebrities have taken the entrepreneurial path and have commenced branding programs using their intellectual property to sell a variety of goods and services. In order to do that, they first must register official trademarks — for their names, their children’s names, their catchphrases, and their song lyrics. Some of them are successful, and some are not. From Donald Trump’s catchphrase “You’re Fired” to Beyoncé registering the names of her children, here are seven most interesting things celebrities have tried to trademark.


October, 20223 minutes read

7 unusual and surprising trademarks people have registered

Trademark laws protect not only words and slogans, but also various shapes, sounds, and smells. With millions of trademark applications filed each year, we are seeing an influx of exceptional cases of filings for unconventional trademarks by both new and established brands. Below is a list of some of the most original and unexpected products that people have trademarked.


October, 20225 minutes read

NBA stars are using NFTs to expand their personal brand

According to the Growth Trend Analysis and Forecast Report by MarketDecipher, the sports memorabilia market size will be US$26 billion in 2021, with NFT sports collectables currently estimated at US$1.4 billion, which is estimated to double its market size at a 100% growth rate and reach 2.6 billion in 2022. As a result, many professional NBA athletes such as Kevin Durant and King James LeBron are not missing an opportunity to further develop their personal brands by offering fans new ways to connect with them through ownership of unique digital assets.


September, 20223 minutes read

Rising NBA star Luka Dončić caught in trademark dispute against his mother

Luka Dončić filed a petition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with the intent to cancel the registration of the trademark "Luka Doncic 7", the ownership of which currently belongs to his mother, Mirjam Poterbin. This case raises some interesting questions regarding consent to the registration of a trademark that references a famous individual.

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