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Key indicators on the importance of brands

A cross-sectional survey with a representative sample of 10,000 consumers was used to assess the consumers' attitudes towards the extent to which a brand influences their purchase behaviour and their willingness to pay premium prices.

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    Perceived importance of brand

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    Willingness to pay premium for brand


August, 20235 minutes read

Trademarking Your Personal Brand: From Influencers to Entrepreneurs

With the rise of social media platforms and online businesses, the concept of personal branding has evolved beyond just a catchy tagline or logo – it encompasses an individual's entire online presence and reputation. As personal brands become more valuable, the need to protect them through trademarking has become increasingly important. This article explores the significance of trademarking your personal brand, particularly focusing on its relevance for both influencers and entrepreneurs.


January, 20213 minutes read

Poses and gestures that have become registered trademarks

Celebrities have come up with a new way to promote their brands by trademarking the poses and gestures that have become their personal signatures. This article presented a brief overview of some of the most renown poses and gestures that have become registered trademarks, supporting the brand performance.


December, 20207 minutes read

12 good reasons for Youtubers and influencers to register a trademark

There is a myriad of reasons why trademark registration is of a crucial importance for Youtubers and influencers. This article presents a concise summary of 12 key reasons why every individual shaping the society should think about registering for a trademark.

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