Can I write my brand name in a different font after registering it as a trademark?

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The answer to whether you can apply different fonts to your trademark depends on whether you registered your brand name as a word mark or a figurative mark.

If you registered a word mark, meaning just the brand name as text without any stylisation, you generally have the flexibility to use different fonts. In this case, trademark registration protects the specific wording or combination of words in your mark rather than the font or stylisation used. As long as the distinctive elements of your registered mark remain unchanged, you can typically experiment with different fonts to represent your brand name. However, it's important to ensure that the new font does not create confusion with other registered trademarks.

On the other hand, if you registered your brand name in a specific font or stylisation as a figurative trademark, then any changes to the font or typography may impact the protection and enforceability of your registered trademark. When registering a figurative mark, the protection extends to the specific combination of textual and graphical elements.

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