What should I do if the USPTO asks me to provide Identification of Services in an office action?

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If the USPTO issued a trademark office action asking you to provide the Identification of Services, it means the examining attorney has identified an issue or deficiency in the terms selected to describe the services you intend to provide under the applied-for trademark.

The USPTO usually issues this type of office action if the goods and service items are vague, contradictory, unrelated to the trademark and its intended use, potentially deceptive, or otherwise inaccurate.

You'll find the explanation for the decision in the office action. The examiner will also propose alternative goods and services terms you can use. If you find their suggestion fitting and amend the application accordingly, your registration will resume.

Keep in mind the identification of services is a crucial aspect of your application, as it defines the scope of your mark's protection not just during examination but also in the future when your brand might face infringement. Therefore, if you're unsure about how amending your application could impact your legal protection, it's advisable to consult a trademark attorney.

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