I saw a brand that started to copy my brand a little. Can a trademark help protect my business?

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Written by Jan Buza

Co-founder of Trama

To answer this question precisely, we would first have to know the nature of the copying. For example, posting similar content on social media wouldn't be enough. However, a change to the logo or the visual presentation of the actual product/service to resemble yours is something a trademark could help with.

The purpose of a trademark is to protect a brand's intellectual property to prevent consumer confusion in the market, so a good question to ask is - do you believe your competition is creating such confusion by the copying you've witnessed?

Nevertheless, even if you conclude a trademark wouldn't help you in this case, we would still recommend registering it to prevent infringement from other parties in the future. A registered trademark would, for example, allow you to send a cease and desist letter asking the competition to stop using the infringing elements/brand.

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