What do I actually need to trademark - our name or logo? Or do I need to do both?

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Written by Jan Buza

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To determine what you need to trademark, you should consider both your brand name and logo. In many cases, it is advisable to trademark both to provide comprehensive protection for your brand identity. Here's a breakdown:

  • Brand Name: Your brand name is a critical element of your business identity. Trademarking your brand name (word mark) protects it from unauthorized use by others. This ensures that competitors cannot use a similar or identical name that may cause confusion among consumers. Trademarking your brand name provides exclusive rights to use it in connection with your goods or services.
  • Logo: Your logo represents the visual identity of your brand. Registering your logo as a trademark provides legal protection for its unique design elements, colors, and visual representation. It prevents others from using a similar logo that may confuse consumers or dilute your brand's visual identity. Trademarking your logo ensures that you have the exclusive right to use and control its use in the marketplace.

By trademarking both your brand name and logo, you establish a strong foundation for protecting your brand identity from infringement or misuse. It helps build brand recognition, establishes trust with consumers, and allows you to enforce your rights if any unauthorized use occurs.

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