How easy is it to get a trademark?

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Once you decide you would like to trademark your brand's name or logo, there are very concrete steps you need to take. If you are not planning to create and file the application by yourself (which can be quite tricky), you would need to find an attorney or a law firm which would represent you and help with the drafting and filing of your application. Trama's very mission is to ensure that getting a trademark is as easy as possible so that every brand can effectively protect its no.1 asset.

Before submitting your trademark application, it is always helpful to get an estimate of potential risks during the registration process. First, you should have a basic understanding of how the respective IP Office will evaluate your registration since the rules differ between countries. Next, you should be aware of the similar trademarks already registered in your class/es, whose owners could potentially file an objection to your application.

After you have your application drafted, the filing takes place. The trademark application can be filed either via a specific IP Office directly or via WIPO in countries using the Madrid System. Once the trademark application is filed, it will go through an examination period (where IP Office evaluates the registration). After the application passes, it will be published for oppositions (where other already registered trademarks can file objections).

If the application goes through without any office action or opposition against it, you will receive the registration certificate, and your trademark will be successfully registered. A trademark is valid for a ten-year period, and after its expiration, you can renew it for an additional fee.

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