Should I get a trademark when I start my business, or should I do it later?

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Written by Jan Buza

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It is very important to file your trademark application as soon as possible. Since your brand is protected from the date of filing, you gain priority right over anyone who intends to register an identical or a confusingly similar wordmark/logo in a given class/classes within your chosen jurisdiction. You can consider filing your initial application in a country where you have the biggest customer base and the most sales, as the risk of your brand being copied there would be the highest.

Over time, if your funds allow you to do so, you can expand your registration to more countries simply by filing a new application for each of the jurisdictions to which your business expands. It is necessary to file an individual application for each country where you wish to register your trademark, as every application is examined separately by the respective IP office. If there is an issue with one of the applications, you don't have to worry; it has no effect on the rest of them.

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