Can I file a trademark application myself?

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Written by Igor Demcak

Founder & Trademark Attorney

In most jurisdictions, it is only possible to file an application if you are a citizen of that country - if not, you will need to seek legal representation. In some jurisdictions, it is not possible to file a trademark application by yourself at all.

While you can file an application in most jurisdictions if you are a citizen, the intellectual property offices generally advise an applicant to have a legal representative. This is because the registration process might encounter an issue that could have been avoided with proper prior legal guidance and also might not be resolved by a simple amendment (e.g. if a third party raises an opposition against your application).

Generally, applications filed by legal representatives have a higher chance of success.

If you are currently deciding whether to apply for a trademark yourself or not, we have prepared a comparative evaluation of all filing options you have.

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