Cybersquatting is a form of trademark infringement that involves the registration of a domain name that is identical or similar to an established trademark or brand name, with the intention of profiting from the reputation and goodwill associated with that trademark or brand. Cybersquatters typically register domain names that are highly desirable or valuable, such as the name of a popular brand or celebrity, with the intention of selling the domain name to the trademark owner or a third party at an inflated price.

Cybersquatting can be harmful to businesses and consumers. When a cybersquatter registers a domain name that is similar to an established trademark, it can lead to confusion among consumers and harm the reputation and goodwill of the trademark. Additionally, cybersquatting can prevent legitimate businesses from using their own trademarks in their domain names, and can result in costly and time-consuming legal battles to regain control of the domain name.